hOmeLabs 1050 watt Countertop Microwave Oven

$ 94.99
hOmeLabs 1050 watt Countertop Microwave Oven with Accessories – Black Stainless Steel Microwave Cooker 1.3 cu ft Popcorn Pizza Maker – Glass Cooking Tray Food Plate – Microwave Ovens for Counter
"PERFECT SIZE COUNTERTOP MICROWAVE – 1.3 cubic feet microwave oven for countertop features 10 power levels, 11 cooking functions and 7 pre-programmed settings, and is sized perfectly to suit both small apartments and large home kitchens
QUICK TOUCH PIZZA COOKER AND POPCORN MAKER – Countertop microwave oven has convenient settings for pizza, popcorn, steamed vegetables and more with a quick touch button, as well as defrost options by weight or time, and speed cook for quick reheating
INCLUDES GLASS PLATE AND MICROWAVE OVEN ACCESSORIES – Modern microwave for counter includes a turntable for evenly cooked food and meals with a BPA free rotary glass cooking plate and also features a safety lock function for children and an easy-to-read LED display screen

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